We envision this blog as consisting primarily of contributions from people invested in public education at all levels, and welcome prose as well as multimedia pieces (art, video, photo essays, etc). We look forward to queer critiques on topics including but not limited to:

  • the language of “hate” regarding racist and homo/transphobic incidents on campuses
  • relationships between public education and other public (or potentially public) services/goods such as welfare, roads, healthcare, water, transportation, etc.
  • relationships between education and militarization processes
  • relationships between schools and prisons
  • police presence and surveillance in public schools
  • ways to understand political organizing as education; queer pedagogical practices
  • education as commodity; corporate sponsorship/funding
  • state regulation of educational material (e.g., abstinence-only education, attacks on & de-funding of queer, feminist, and/or ethnic studies courses/programs)
  • shifts from critical thinking to direct transmission of facts/information
  • positions/positionings of international students, out-of-state students, undocumented students, etc.
  • (de)funding of student resources, including “diversity” programs and initiatives, etc.
  • shifts in tenure processes and/or hiring practices; questions of academic freedom
  • historical context for current student and worker movements
  • public education on a transnational scale; global student movements/activism
  • the uses and limitations of diversity training programs for faculty, staff, and/or students
  • queer imaginings of the future of the university and of public education more broadly

Please send contributions to queers4publiceducation@gmail.com

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